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Nov 18, 2012

Random I

"Saje je eh."



"Kat rumah?"

"Yep. Attention."

"No. But this is home. Home should be different than outside."


"It's a competitive surrounding outside. I need to be strong, tho am just pretending."


"Faham ke?"



"Berat ek!"


"Berat petang-petang ceni. Pukul 3.15."


"I have a problem."

Im giving up my trust in someone...

"Biarkan je mereka. Hidup, dik."

"Yeah. Hidup."


ciksengeh :D said...

Aimi ....
kenape ni ???

Taisteal Trodaire said...

minta lah doa.. minta Dia beri HATI baru dan 'renew' hatimu.