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Jan 18, 2015

Havva better year, everyone!

Err testing. Testing.
Salamun alaiyk.

It feels weird to type and write onto this white box again.
I'm afraid it will only be saved as draft in the end huhu.
I've reverted all the previous posts from the very beginning into draft. Too embarrased to read those immature posts. Hahaha. Konon dah mature lah skrg ek.

So hi. How are you doing? Is everything goes well and fine since my last post, 2 years ago? Oh my god, I've left this blog without any update for 2 years?! Really? Hahahahahahaha, daebak. Perhaps medical student life really turned me into a busy person, right.

I have so many things to share with you guys, about so many stories that I left untold and about those things that had happened within these 2 years.

I am in my third year of medical school now, I've grown up bigger but prettier, cewah. No, it ain't easy. The course. It will never get easier but tougher for every single semester. The interest towards this course however is growing deeper in sha Allah. Though sometimes I keep asking myself, why did I choose this course? Can I really become a doctor one day? Well not a quack one, but a real doctor? Hmmmm.

For now, let us just keep moving on, keep learning as much as we could. keep looking for the good values in life and most importantly, stay strong!

Ehem, all I can tell you about my love life is that I haven't get married, yet, of course. Wish that I could meet a future soulmate that's as soleh and loving and gentle and protective as one man could ever be ^^

Today is the last day of my 2 weeks semester break and wonderfully, I went to Korea for 7 days and 6 nights during this break and just came back home on the last Tuesday, but seriously I cannot move on from the memories of the amazing Korea yet. Oh, how I miss Seoul so much :(

I am so eager to share with everyone about my first winter trip to Seoul, therefore I decided to write on this blog again. So stay tuned for my next posts alright. Bye for now!

Happy new year 2015. 
-once a fairyprincess of her own fairytale-