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Jan 14, 2016

Travel tips to Hong Kong - Day 1 (Of basic things)

Hello everyone :)

Hahaha, I doubt there's anyone waiting for my blog update anymore. I am so so so sorry I couldn't continue writing about my Korea trip last time. Seriously takde masa langsung. Huahua. I am currently in my fourth year of medical school. Oh how time flies right! Dah tahun keempat dah masuk clinical years dah kita. Kita belum kahwin jangan risau hehe. Sibuk belajar dan berhospital je sekarang, Doakan kita ek.

Emmm, In sya Allah I'll go to Korea again soon and write down all about it here.
For noow, lemme write about my travelogue to Hong Kong. Okay tak?
Setelah dua kali dok jalan sendiri di negara orang, kita rasa travelog atau perkongsian yang tepat sangat sangatlah berguna dalam membantu perjalanan orang lain. Because I am really one of those blog-dependent people when it comes to backpacking or travelling. So here I am, writing about my experiences in Hong Kong with a hope that it will become useful for someone out there.

I started to write this on my way to Hong Kong, in the noisy plane surrounded by Chinese people talking loudly in their language all over and walking and gathering back and forth with themselves until the crew had to shhh 'em few times, hmm restless per se. Hangpa memang jenis tak tidoq dlm flight ka? Mujur ceq duduk tepi sayap! Well, that was the noisiest flight I've ever took. Wuwuwuwu

This trip was initiated and aggravated by me who was reaaalllyy craving for another travel. I asked Kakak and Kak Ecah to join in and luckily they were fine with my plan! Mama joined in last minute itupun after so much pujuk rayu. Abah was not interested. Huhu. So here we go, a short and sweet trip to Hong Kong! Yea, no drop by Macau or Shenzhen as my travel mates this time are all wanita bekerjaya right, so tak sampai hati suruh diorang amik cuti seminggu kan. In fact, I, too, need to start doing my SSM seriously so I think 4 days and 3 nights are enough.

First of all, the most important thing you all MUST have is, a very good and fabulous pair of SHOES okay. Because we're gonna do lots and lots of walking here. Kata backpacking without travel agent. So come on. 

Secondly, you MUST download apps MTR Mobile dalam phone masing-masing okay. Or at least, save a picture of MTR map dalam phone. Because it will be very useful untuk guide which MTR line you have to take to any places you wish to go. MTR system dekat Hong Kong sama je macam dekat Jepun or Korea, sangat-sangat efisyen in sya Allah tak sesat punya. Kagum sangat dengan MTR system kat Hong Kong ni. Sebelum nak pergi Hong Kong ataupun malam sebelum hari esok nak jalan-jalan make sure you study dulu pasal jalan dan laluan MTR tempat-tempat yang nak dituju tau. Catat dan bincangkan nama station dan exit mana. Sebabnya, satu station ada banyak pintu keluar (exit) tau. Contohnya, station Mongkok ada exit D1, D2, D3, D4 cenggitu. Kalau macam nak pergi Ladies market, tuju ke station Mongkok and then kena exit D2. Dapat tak? Takpe jangan risau, once you're there, you will adapt very quickly. Apps MTR Mobile tu pun akan bantu guide dari mana hendak ke mana pakai laluan yang mana. Okay? ^^

Next, about the flight tickets lah of course.
We bought the flight tickets 3 weeks prior, with a promo price, so the total price was RM524 return per head. We could actually get a much more cheaper price but we were late! Sobsob. We departed around 4.45pm and arrived at 8.15pm in Hong Kong. Oh yes, waktu Malaysia dengan waktu Hong Kong sama je tau. Cuma waktu solat je berbeza. Hong Kong awal sejam lebih cenggitu. Along the way, I watched 2days 1night, took some photographs of the plane's wing and clouds, sleep and write this. It was one dark starry night~

Lepas beli je tiket and confirm tempat tinggal, I started to organize our itinerary. I love to make an itinerary you know. Ala, 4 hari 3 malam je pun anyway. So basically, my trip this time aimed to touch all the must-go places in Hong Kong in sya Allah. One short, sweet and  satisfying trip. Nanti kita share details iti throughout the other posts. Overall, macam kat bawah ni je. Simple and light je our travel ni because ada puan Mama kan, so take it easy yet wonderful ;)

Upon arrival, everything went well and the first shop we visited was the 1010! Keluar je gate departure lps amik luggage and lepas immigration.. ala tempat yang ramai org menunggu dgn sign nama mcm dlm running man tuuu.. Haa keluar je situ terus ke kanan dan akan nampak kedai 1010. So, kedai apakah ini? Ni kedai jual prepaid sim card. Kalau korang pun nak backpacking or travel Hong Kong for less than 8 days, I recommend you to buy one sim card package yang utk Tourist punya tau. Ada 5GB internet data and some HKD for voice call. Don't worry much nnt org kedai tu mmg akan tunjuk pakej tourist. Beli sebiji je pun dah cukup sgt, bagi kat orang yang lead dlm group you all utk pakai sim card ni, then on je Personal Hotspot to be used by everybadehhh everywhereee! Ye lah, kat guesthouse nanti pun mesti ada wifi jugak kan..

This was the package that I bought.

Okay lepastu,
pergi pulak counter jual Octopus card, Counter dia mcm counter customer service tp dia tulis Train Tickets tau. Macam ni counter dia :

Octopus card ni apa? Hmm octopus card ni macam kad Touch & Go kat Malaysia. Boleh pakai utk MTR (train), bus dan juga tram. Kalau macam kitaorang kan jalan sendiri, so mmg 100% bergantung dekat public transportation (MTR and buses). Harga dia, HKD50 untuk card, and HKD100 utk kegunaaan kita. Kalau dah habis HKD100 tu, boleh je top up lagi, or orang Hong Kong cakap 'Add value' dekat any 'Add Value Machine' yang ada di dalam MTR station, or 7Eleven or kedai jual roti. Kitaorang sampai add value 2 kali tau. Minimum amount untuk add value is HKD50 okay. So total utk Octopus card kitaorang selama 4 hari ialah HKD250. Haha. Paling best, nanti nak balik Malaysia, Octopus card ni boleh dipulangkan semula and dia akan refund balik duit HKD50 utk card tu, plus baki yang tinggal dalam card. Cari je counter dia ada dekat airport, kalau tak jumpa, tanya Customer service ye. Lepastu duit lebih tu bolehlah sambung shopping dlm airport or beli makanan dlm flight.

Okay. Those above are all the basic and compulsory things you guys need to know to ease your travel in Hong Kong.

Moving on,

I booked a cheap apartment in Mong Kok through airbnb. It was owned by Zoe and Andy. Andy was the one who responded to all my messages and queries very promptly that I think it was good to deal with him :) But Zoe was the one who waited for us at the bus station and brought us to the house by herself personally. So everything went well. Tiada masalah dalam mencari lokasi rumah Alhamdulillah! Kalau nak duduk apartment sama macam kita, bolehlah view this link --> Littlehouse. Tapi, Zoe tak berapa pandai cakap English sangat tau, she said she is still learning the language. Kitaorang ni pun alhamdulillah ada puan Mama, so cakap Mandarin je mostly huhu. Thank you Mama sebab sudi ikut! Wiwiwi

Oh, one more important thing korang mesti tahu ialah di Hong Kong ni, ada satu bas nombor A21 yang pergi balik dari dan ke airport tau. Bas nombor A21. Kalau macam kitaorang yang stay kat Mongkok ni, dari airport, naik bas A21 and directly berhenti kat station no 7 or they called it as Bank Centre station. Macam mana nak tahu bila dah sampai station tu? Ni puunn jangan risau langsung! Sebab sistem bas pun sangat mudah dan canggih. Dalam bas tu, ada screen yang akan show the bus route and station yang dia akan berhenti. In sya Allah, mudah je jalan sendiri dekat Hong Kong ni. Macam kat Korea jugak ^^ So, harga tiket bas from airport to Mongkok or vice versa was HKD33, pakai Octopus card ok.

Disebabkan flight kitaorang petang and arrived malam, malam tu lepas check in kitaorang tak berjalan mana pun. Kat sini pukul 6 dah gelap tau. Kita and kak Ecah je malam tu walked along the roadside area our apartment tu. Dah pukul 12 lebih pun still lots of people were walking, queueing for the bus, and dating. In fact, buses and taxis on the road pun still banyak and jammed lagi. Huhuhuhu. It was cold and the weather was so nice that night.

Inside the A21 bus from the airport.
This is Zoe, nampak muda remaja kaaaan, sebenarnya dah 40y/o.
Jalan-jalan makan angin.
Etude House pun adaaa macam dekat Korea ^^
My first street photo of Hong Kong at night.

All right,
the end of the first day.

Eh emm, nak tahu ke kena packing apa?

Untuk 4 hari 3 malam, bawak je 4 helai blouse + 2/3 helai seluar, and disebabkan it's winter season sooo yeah a coat/jacket is a must lah ye. Winter coat yang tebal gila tu tak payah lah kot, just a thick and warm sweater or jacket will do. Even though Hong Kong takdelah bersalji bagai, but still it was cold. Temperature belas-belas masa kitaorang pergi tu. Gloves bolehlah kalau nak spare. I tak pakai pun throughout the trip, but my sister pakai because it was raining and the weather was so cold that day. Stocking tebal mestilah. Long johns bagai tak payah kot. Winter boot lagilah tak payah, one good sport shoes is enough. Cream Flanil, minyak angin, and tablet Clarinase (ubat selesema saya) bawaklah spare. Oh paling penting, pergi Watsons/Guardian ke mana-mana beli RAIN COAT and bawak tau! Takpun, terus je bawak payung. Wajib wajib! Jangan lupa!


Hmm, honestly for me, makanan halal kat Hong Kong susah sikit nak cari. Plus makanan dia biasa-biasa je kot in fact quite expensive. Kitaorang selama empat hari ni, makan bekal dari Malaysia je. Bawaklah maggi, tuna, sardin, sambal goreng rangup, beras and roti twiggies/jagung/coklat banyak banyak. Boleh je hidup dengan bahagia di sana. Jimat duit. Kitaorang takde pun mencari-cari kedai makan. Tak fikir sangat lah pasal makan. Pagi sarapan kat rumah, mama masak nasi & ofcourse a cup of coffee and then balik malam makan megi ke apa. Sepanjang perjalanan kalau lapar, ngap roti twiggies. Hehe. Hong Kong punya makanan takdelah macam Korea kot. Kalau kat Korea tu, memang wajib makan luar! Hihi

Sarapan pagi pertama di Hong Kong. Sedap dia lain macam! =D

Okaylah ek,
Hopefully this post will be useful for you guys yang nak pergi jalan-jalan tanpa travel agent kat Hong Kong,
Nanti kita sambung post Hari kedua ketiga dan keempat, in sya Allah.

Your long lost cikdoktorfalsafah.

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